Would You Hire a Male Midwife? Plus More Baby News

baby news links siblingsAs long as your baby arrives safely into the world, it shouldn't matter how he got there. Or does it? That story, and more baby news links I'm loving right here:

  • I was just lamenting about my baby not having any friends. This article also highlights the second child shaft. Should I feel relieved that I'm not alone in that my baby boy isn't getting as much activity time as his older sister, or just more guilty? -- BabyCenter's Momformation
  • Would you hire a male midwife to bring your baby into the world? That is, if you could find one? Male midwives are popping up here and there and shocking people when they show up in the delivery room. You must watch the hilarious video about "Mike, the Male Midwife." -- Strollerderby
  • If your baby has a serious lovey attachment, check out this article about how to locate the object of affection if, god forbid, the fuzzy bunny ever goes missing. Necessary? That depends on your baby. -- She Knows

Image via lillysweets/CafeMom


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