Heidi Klum Is a Baby Wearer, Loves Baby Bjorn


heidi klum baby bjornCheck out Heidi Klum, wearing her 10-month-old daughter Lou, who is sporting a cute pink sun hat.

Heidi looks effortlessly chic in cut-off shorts, big sunnies, slick back hair, and dark nail polish. But it's the Baby Bjorn that grabbed my attention the most.

It doesn't look like the newest addition to their line -- the Comfort Carrier -- one that distributes the weight better so you can walk around for hours without having a backache. Heidi! You need one of those!

The people at Baby Bjorn sent me one to try out and I have to say, I love it.

The 100 percent organic fabric was soft not just for my baby's skin, but up around my shoulders as well. It has a waist belt, too, so baby's weight is distributed evenly on your hips and shoulders. I noticed that it actually improved my posture when I put it on and slipped my son into it. I've lost my decent posture sometime after the second month of breastfeeding.

And this carrier will last -- it can be used on babies from 13 to 31 pounds, facing inward or outward. Which is good because it's $199.99 at Target.

baby bjorn comfort carrierTake a look at #2 in the diagram above. When baby is facing inward, there is a flap for baby's legs so they go into a more natural position when being carried.

Out of the carriers I've tried, this Baby Bjorn is one of my favorites -- along with the Organic Earth Carrier and Baby Hawk Mei Tai. Though I haven't yet tried the Ergo -- which is my friend Lindsay's favorite.

What baby carrier is your favorite?


Images (top to bottom) Splash News; Baby Bjorn



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Pishyah Pishyah

I HATE these carriers!  Think of all of your weight sitting on your crotch.  OUCH!

abels... abelsmama07

$200 for a baby bjorn???????? that's the craziest thing i have ever heard. 

my babyhawk rocks.

Pishyah Pishyah

In many of the oldest baby carrying traditions, infants are tightly wrapped against the body of the
wearer, with legs tucked up and spread; straddling the waist, hips or back of the wearer. As the infant
develops, the straddling becomes more pronounced and the tucked-up legs will slowly drop, but in the
first few months this tucked-up, slightly straddling position helps to ensure proper hip development.
According to Dr. Evelyn Kirkilionis, the author of the first known research on the effects of baby carrying
on physical development:
“…if the baby is sitting on the parent’s hip or is carried face to face, the baby has a leg position
that is ideal for the healthy maturation of the hip joint. If the legs are bent more than 90° (about
100° to 110°) and spread approximately 90°, the femur head fits ideally in the hip socket. This
favors its healthy development. Moreover, the body posture of the baby is not stationary.
Through the movements of the parent as well as those of the baby, a constant stimulus is
transferred to the child’s hip joint, which promotes circulation to the still-cartilaginous structures
and supports their maturation.”i

nonmember avatar Jenifer

facing a baby out is NEVER ok. Baby Bjorns are HORRID for babies hips and spines, even thier new one isnt ergonomically correct.

Pishyah Pishyah

We would only qualify this by saying that the newborn infant does not usually achieve the 90-degree
spread of the legs for, in some cases, several weeks. Until the legs naturally open it is acceptable to
place the infant with the legs in a squat position against the belly with feet close together or touching.
When the still developing infant is carried facing away from the wearer’s body, or even horizontally in a
sling, one can clearly see how all of the positive aspects related to the hip development described above by Dr. Kirkilionis are lost.
Moreover, the outward facing position, or sling position, is far inferior to the
coziness and warmth of facing into the parent or caregiver’s chest.



niami... niamibunni

My Bjorn was a hand-me-down and was great for around the house, but was awful for actually going out for a walk in. I wonder if the new version is really more comfortable. I don't know how my son handled all of his weight being in that one area though. ouchies.

I purchased a Lillebaby carrier, but it was put together terribly and broke. The Maya wrap has held up pretty good, though my son went through a period of time where he would scream if he was put in it. He's ok with it now thankfully.

Pishyah Pishyah

There is more to babywearing than just hip development and comfort of the hips.  I'll leave it at that, though, unless someone would like more information on safely wearing babies (they can also message me to request links). 


Does anyone else think the baby looks uncomfortable and confused?  Just wondering.

Pishyah Pishyah

I'm sorry.  I wasn't going to say it because it seems a bit mean but...  Well, I'm going to. 

Babies are comforted and feel safe when they can see mom.  That's for our everyday babies who aren't being chased down with swarms of photographers.  I love that celebrity moms are babywearing but I hate that some aren't doing it properly or safely (I feel the same about the rest of us, too.  I know, however, that not all of us have the right information to show us why this is wrong.).  This baby, though, is in front of mom, facing the attacks of papparazi before her mom.  Don't you think that's a bit frightening? 

KatieP. KatieP.

I have an older baby bjorn, I can't stand how it hurts my back but hubby loves it and wears it alot, my cousin lent me the newer one and I loved it but I found a moby wrap on sale for 30$ and I love that way more. My baby prefers to be in the cradle hold if she is sleepy or facing out if she's awake, she gets fussy facing me. She is a very active little baby and I guess gets bored facing me? But I prefer the moby wrap over the new baby bjorn anyways because you can do the cradle hold and the facing out position with one carrier. She will sleep for hours in the moby wrap in the cradle hold!

Pnukey Pnukey

My favorite one was whichever was on sale. I'd never spend $200 on a baby carrier.

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