'Gwyneth Can Suck It': Best Reader Comments

gwyneth can suck itLots of new breast milk studies, ad campaigns and baby raising questions for you all to comment on this week.

Here are my faves:


I talked about a new study that shows formula in the first 15 days of life prevents a harmful allergy to cow's milk. One of the few rational comments came from krysteljustice:

That is interesting, but I'm afraid that giving my newborn even one bottle of formula would prevent him from wanting to drink breastmilk-- formula comes out easily and is more filling. What I want to know is how common an allergy to cow's milk is. If it is a very common life threatening condition, I might "vaccinate" my child in this way. If it is rare, then it seems like I would be doing my baby a disservice.

Sona asked about the hows and whens of baby-proofing. Amazonora had a great perspective:

Our lazy method of baby proofing is watching him all the time. As he gets into stuff he shouldn't, we put it higher, move furniture to block those outlets we need stuff plugged into, trade him a toy to chew on instead of Daddy's shoelace, and put the shoes in the closet, again... He is crawling and pulling himself up now so his reach is ever expanding. We have put handle locks on the fireplace doors and cabinets with chemicals, which make those doors the first he tries to open. I'm viewing baby proofing as the never ending process that will change week to week.

I just know I'll never look around our house and go "now everything is safe" the only time we don't have an eye on him is when he's asleep in the crib, even then we check constantly. Last night I heard a rustling after I'd put him down and he'd managed to reach the handle on the paper bag next to his crib where I toss outfits after I realize he doesn't fit them anymore. That bag was a good foot away from him and he reached through the bars to grab it and try to pull it through! Sigh. He's 10 months next week... this is only the beginning.

Michele called for a ban on drop-side cribs after yet another recall. A frustrated response from ethans_momma06:

Well if they ban drop sides they sure as heck are going to have to sell a crib with a shorter side or I am going to have to let my child tumble out of my arms and fall onto his matress. I wish I was joking but seriously- I had to do that with the only crib that didn't have a 'drop-side' to it that I have personally used...

These recalls scare me, and we should be ensuring the safety of products for children (and babies), so I hope that something DOES go into effect. I just worry what effect that would have on the rest of things!

Reader sodapple said what I was thinking after writing about the report of dioxin in breastmilk:

we are never safe

Sona confessed to becoming a fragile mama since her baby has arrived. Casey explained her feelings as well:

I think that being around children and fully realizing how helpless they can be contributes to being more sensitive about all the bad things that can and do happen. I also don't let anyone babysit my son except for his grandmother, I don't think I could fully trust anyone else. For me, it isn't just the stories, seeing children disabled or with a debilitating disease makes my heart break. My husband laughs at me sometimes, but if something bad happens to a kid in even a movie, I can't watch it. I remember when I was pregnant with my oldest, I was watching Shallow Hal, the scene with the burn unit kids had me hysterical. I also think that if someone can harm a child intentionally, it speaks about the level of humanity they have, all humans should want to protect human children as a basic need to further the species. If someone doesn't feel that way, it signifies a disconnect.

Michele gave us shocking drunk baby photos and asked if it was wrong to take a picture of your baby holding a beer. Toriandgrace weighed in somewhere in the middle:

I'm not big on the ad, especially since it would be easier for a child to get ahold of alcoholic chocolate than a beer. However, I don't think there's anything wrong with snapping a picture of a baby pretending to drink a closed alcoholic beverage.

It's rare when the subject of an article chimes in, and in Michele's post about the UK parents who gave birth to one black and one white twin went up, a relative defended all the media attention:

These twins are my cousins children.They are the most beautiful family and their first child Ruby is just as special to them as are the twins.Why do some people out there post their negative comments when they don't know the family?Carole and Brian are wonderful parents.If you met them you would love their fun easy going way they have about them.Carole and Brian if you read this mum,carol and eileen are enjoying the articles about your miracle babies,all 3 of them.Thinking of you all with much love.Eileen

Michele's baby girl got a bump on her noggin! She wondered if crib bumpers would help keep her from getting knocked around. Most people told her to skip the bumpers and tazdvl said it all:

Bumps are going to happen, can't keep kids in a bubble.

I asked when I'd be able to take my baby out in public without chasing him around the room and causing a ruckus. Lots of great support, and ibebreezy cracked me up:

couldn't tell you even if i knew as my 15 month old is screaming at me and pulling at my arm since i wouldn't let him play with the plugs in the wall socket.....

This week's new mom confession talked about her need to have everyone like her baby, and how uncomfortable she felt if the baby cried in public. SLK could relate:

You had a very natural reaction, I think.  But, in reality, those people in the restaurant thought you were a great mom for knowing your child's limits and doing the right thing.

I used to apologize every time my kids made the least whimper.  After being told "there never was a baby who didn't cry" by several older parents, I started feeling better about it.  After all, it's true.  It would be a lot more worrisome if your son never made a peep, I think.

But yeah, folks are smiling because you left; if you'd stayed, not so much . . . .

Gwyneth Paltrow said every mom has time to lose the baby weight. NewMom _007 said:

Because I'm sure every newborn baby has the logic to understand that "if it's important to me , it's important to the baby". Gwyneth , you can suck it!


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