5 Unique Piggy Banks Waiting to Be Stuffed With Money


piggy bankTrust me, it's never too early to start saving for college. We think we'll have plenty of time to save money for our kid's future education later, but time has an annoying way of flying right by us without our consent.

So, start now.

Okay, so you probably shouldn't actually keep your son's or daughter's college fund in a piggy bank -- something tells me no matter how cute it is, it won't gain any interest there -- but you can't lose for including your child in the act of saving money for his or her future.


My son has a piggy bank in his room -- he has since before he was born -- and he's already got a nice chunk of change (and plenty of bills, too) in it. We let him put money in it himself as he gets it from us or his grandparents, and he enjoys that, a lot.

I really look forward to taking him to the bank one day to count it all and letting him take that money to college with him. Even if he spends it on beer.

So here are some fun and unique piggy banks you can buy for your own baby (or give as a nice gift at a baby shower).

The piggy bank above from mybambino.com is pretty self-explanatory, isn't it? You can personalize it with your name of choice of course and it's $24.99

Then there's this unique sectioned-off piggy bank that shows what each amount of money can be applied to. It's $18.99 from Amazon. I love the idea of teaching your kiddos early about donating money and giving them a little to spend, too.

piggy bank

And this might be the cutest piggy bank I've ever laid my eyes on. I love having a boy and wouldn't trade him for the world but every now and then I see something that makes having a girl look pretty fun, too. Like this perfectly princess piggy bank from Kids N Cribs ($40).

piggy bank

For a more classic look, I like this silver piggy bank ($25) from Things Remembered.

piggy bank

Polka-dotted piggy banks are all over the internet and they're all adorable. I especially like this color scheme, the rich blue and pale yellow, and as common as the polka dots are, this piggy bank from Elegant Baby ($30) looks so original and unique.

piggy bank

It's never too early to start saving for your baby's future. And it's never too early to start saving for that future in a piggy bank that's just perfect.

Does your baby have a piggy bank?


Images from top to bottom via mybambino.com, Amazon, Kids N Cribs, Things Remembered, Elegant Baby

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nily nily

CooL I like the second.

toria... toriandgrace

This last Mother's Day, I went with a friend to a pottery painting studio and painted a piggy bank for my daughter. It looks like the polka dot one, but it's yellow with pink spots.

sodapple sodapple

we have a pig that opens on its snout which is made of cork. then an electronic one and a small one.

Pnukey Pnukey

My dd has a piggy bank much like the polka dotted one, but with no polka dots, with her name on it. It's very cute. My son has one shaped like a baseball. They also have actual real bank accounts.

Carey... Carey2006

YES....a couple & a savings account as well

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