My Baby Still Takes a Bottle, I Blame My Doctor?


baby bottleMy 17-month-old daughter is channeling Suri Cruise and still takes a bottle. Just one before bed, and occasionally before a nap. I know I need to take it away from her, but I just haven't been motivated to enough to deal with the struggle I see ensuing.

Turns out that if my doctor had just had a little chat with me sooner, I might not be in this predicament now.

A new study says a five-minute chat at a child's 9-month checkup can help parents wean children from the bottle. The study found as much as a 60 percent decline in "prolonged bottle use" if they get the talk.

"In five minutes, we changed the health trajectory of a child," Dr. Jonathon Maguire, lead author of the study, told CNN.

I don't remember my doctor having any chat with me, so I'm blaming her.

Not really. I know all the reasons Lila Claire should be bottle free: to prevent tooth decay and to make sure she's getting enough nutrition from food sources. And I knew them then. I do wonder if I would have been more motivated if I heard them directly from my doctor's mouth.

In any case, it's time. One suggestion I've heard repeatedly to start the weaning process is to offer water in the bottle instead of milk, so tonight, I'm going to try it.

I'll let you know how it goes ....

At what age did your baby give up his or her bottle?


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nonmember avatar SKL

I gradually switched bottles to sippy cups from the time my youngest was about 11 mos to 12.5 mos.  First to go was the one that was least comforting, etc.  The last to go was the one they had first thing in the morning.  Tried it at about 11.8 mos, and I got "the look."  (She liked lying down to drink.)  Tried again a couple weeks later, no problem.  My oldest is 3 mos older, and I transitioned them both together.

Giving up the bottle isn't that big of a deal health-wise, if you only give the bottle at certain limited times.  Problem is when they take it to bed or carry it around for long periods.  But, those would also be problematic with a sippy cup.

Another issue that is supposedly linked with kids toting a bottle too much is ear infections.

To me, the biggest reason to quit by around 12 mos is that the weaning is easier then.  They start to build strong attachments to "things" and to become oppositional during their second year.  So the same logic holds for other transitions that you hope occur before your kid enters KG.

Miss-... Miss-Baby-Baker

It's not that hard, trust me! My son was 13 months old when I finally took the bottle away and I was just as scared as you were. It took about 3 days and since then, he has taken to a sippy cup beautifully. What I did was I bought sippy cups with a soft nipple and COMPLETELY threw away the bottles. Your daughter won't be harmed or lose weight  by refusing to take the sippy cup. Eventually, she WILL get thirsty enough that she won't care in what form the milk is coming in. That's the advice my son's pediatrician told me and it worked!

ethan... ethans_momma06

:) Well I bf so that was one battle that I seemingly missed! Of course DS had to wean at some point, but that didn't occur until 15 months...

Good luck! Hope it's an easy transition for you guys.

mach1... mach1racer

I took away the bottle away from my daughter when she was 13 months old too. I just gave her a sippy cup.  but now she wont give up the cup and shes 4 1/2. :/

RanaA... RanaAurora

I hope the weaning goes easy for you.

However, I feel it is the parent's job to educate themselves - not rely on the doctor to do it.

tonya... tonyalynn

my first daughter was 12 months, and my 19 month old just now gave it up. it was a breeze with my 4 year old. i just took it away and she was fine. but the bottle was my 19 month olds best friend. we went on vacation, and i decieded not to give it to her and it worked. she was always so busy that she never wanted it.

frysh... fryshannon34

All my kids were easy to give up the bottle I just switched to a cup

Pnukey Pnukey

Blaming others already huh? Not a good pattern to start. Our kids got rid of their bottles sometime between 1 and 2, when we decided they were done. Yeah, there was some crying, but that comes with parenting. Deal with it.

Carey... Carey2006

I can't even remember but I imagine it was when he wanted to drink from his cup.

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