Over 82,000 Pottery Barn Cribs Recalled: Let's Ban Drop-Sides Now

pottery barn crib recalledMore cribs are being recalled. This time they are from Pottery Barn -- over 82,000 cribs of several styles with one thing in common -- drop-sides. Pottery Barn announced that the entire collection of their drop-side cribs in all models and all colors sold from 1999 through early 2010 can cause entrapment, suffocation, or create a fall hazard.

The company is offering a fix-it kit. But is this enough for us worried parents?


It's another case of the drop-side becoming detached from a hardware failure. A space is formed and a baby can become trapped or fall. The CPSC says there have been 36 reports of malfunctioning Pottery Barn drop-side cribs, which resulted in seven injuries. One baby's head became trapped, but thankfully was freed before injury.

Some of these failures are due to incorrect assembly and some are from wear and tear -- hand-me-down cribs that have become weak over time. It is recommended that cribs over 10 years old should not be used.

Pottery Barn is asking those who have the recalled cribs to call 1-877-804-3847, 7 a.m. to midnight PST, to receive your free fixed-gate conversion kit.

If you have a drop-side crib, or any crib for that matter, please inspect the hardware often and make sure nothing is broken or loose. And re-think the beautiful vintage drop-side crib you may want. It might not be safe.

I think drop-sides should be banned and the government is taking steps to make it happen, but it feels like a case of dragging feet. Getting things to pass is slow-going, but don't you think they should speed this up? Babies are in danger. The new law may be reality as early as 2011 and this will include all cribs everywhere -- hotels, daycare, and in the home. The fix-it kits to make a crib fixed-side is great, but let's just stop making drop-sides NOW for safety's sake. Thankfully we are that much closer.

Do you have a drop side crib? Has your crib been recalled?

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