Baby-Proofing: When -- and Where -- Do You Start?

When did you start baby-proofing your place -- and where did you draw the line?

Baby ProofingWe've had our downstairs baby gate up since even before Kavi was born. Cousin Seerit, who's almost two, came to visit shortly after we moved into our new place, and since we've got lots of wide open stairs, we wanted to make sure she was safe.

It was sort of a good practice run, because we could get a bit of an idea of how things will be when Kavi gets a little older. Honestly, though, it doesn't seem like we have to do all that much. Or maybe I'm being naive?

Kavi's already sitting up and doing that lean forward thing, so my guess is that she'll be aiming to crawl any second now. And once she's mobile, there's plenty of stuff she can get in to.


Since we're in a duplex, we've got safety gates for both the top and bottom of the staircase. But other than that and those little plastic things you shove into electric sockets, we haven't done much by way of baby-proofing.

So I suppose we should be thinking about locking down the toilets and kitchen cabinets, et al. But then again, I'm not really feeling it. I'll probably lock up the ones with food and cleaning supplies, but keep a few kid-safe items in a cabinet she can pull stuff out of (under supervision, of course).

But I do worry about things like the TV and the bookcase -- after reading all those stories about stuff toppling over on to toddlers and all. I've read that the idea here is to anchor or bolt them to the walls, so I'm gonna get my husband on that now.

One set of parents I know pretty much set up one of those huge cage-like pens in the center of their living room and plopped the baby down in it, so she couldn't get into anything. But given our tiny living space, I'd say that would be a no-go. Plus, I want Kavi to be able to explore a bit.

So what do we really need to do when it comes to baby-proofing? And what can we skip?

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