My Baby Doesn't Have Friends

my baby doesn't have friendsCall it the second child syndrome, or the full-time working mom syndrome, but my baby has just not had the social opportunities of his older sister. And it bums me out.

I was lucky enough to get involved with a fantastic group of first time moms in my Brooklyn neighborhood after my daughter was born. Even though almost everyone has scattered from the neighborhood, we still made lasting friendships between the parents and the adorable baby friends. While we may all keep up via Facebook rather than meet-ups in the park, I still know my daughter has a pal or five in the tri-state area when we return for visits.


We recently moved to California, but even when we were in Brooklyn, I had zero time for a mom's group after my second baby boy arrived since I went back to work full-time so quickly. And let's face it, a new mom's group just isn't the same when you're actually not a new mom anymore. Hence, no new baby friends on either coast.

I've been invited to a mom's group in LA, but when you work during the day and the activities conflict with your work schedule, well, someone has to buy the Yo Baby so no new friends -- again!

Even weekend play dates, which I'd love to set up, are difficult to coordinate when all parents involved have older children, groceries to be bought and other friend/family obligations. It makes me miss my apartment life where we could knock on our neighbors door for an impromptu play date.

I know my boy will start pre-school in a year, and hopefully can socialize at that point. But he's got another birthday before then where, unless I get busy rounding up 16-month-olds, he will have NO baby friends on the guest list. I doubt he'll notice (will he?) but I will.

How does a working parent find some baby friends?


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