Lose the Baby Weight: Eat These Summer Substitutions

Starbucks FrappucinoI've been on a week long family vacation and I've been very bad.

I've worked really hard to lose enough baby weight to dare being seen in a bikini (because I wanted to and not because Gwyneth Paltrow thinks I should) but I stopped counting calories after the tenth cookie I polished off and I've had a Carmel Frappuccino with whip (gasp!) every single day.

So I'm about to sadly kiss these Carmel Frappuccinos goodbye and drink unsweetened green tea -- and that's not the only substitution I'm going to have to make for the rest of the summer to get back on track.



I'll have to stop eating strawberry shortcakes.

Strawberry shortcake

I'm going to to stick to strawberry frozen yogurt with fresh fruit.

Pinkberry yogurt

Instead of tart lemonade ...


... I'll go back to drinking water with lemon.


I'm going to step away from the french fries.

French Fries

Because I actually prefer roasted sweet potatoes, but I forget that when regular fries are within reach.

sweet potato

I'll forgo the Caesar salad.

Ceasar Salad

And I see a lot of vegetable slaw in my future.



Does anyone else have a hard time eating healthy or sticking to a diet while on vacation or during the summer months?


Images (top to bottom): starbucks.com; stevendepolo/Flickr; SimonDoggett/Flickr; boo_liscious/Flickr; y2bk/Flickr; houseofsims/Flickr little blue hen/Flickr christyxcore/Flickr norwichnuts/Flickr

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