Shocking Drunk Baby Photos


drunk baby adThere are three types of parents. The ones who think it's hilarious to have baby pose with a beer bottle for a photo, the ones who have photos where baby looks drunk and they play that up, and the ones who think the other two types are borderline bad parents. (Read: Have no sense of humor.)

My husband was having a cold one the other day and our son was on his lap. You know what the baby did, right? Reached for the bottle to put his teething gums on it so he could feel the cold. My twins are at the age that everything is going in the mouth no matter if it's cold, wet, or hairy (look out cats) but we both laughed at the sight of my 7-month-old reaching for a Pilsner, considered getting the camera, then said ... That would be so wrong.

But is it? A sweets company is using photos featuring "drunk babies" for a product -- whisky-infused chocolate. Let's examine the ads, shall we?

The company is called L'universe de Chocolat (French, obvi) and a Japanese marketing agency, Dentsu, created the campaign.

The photo above of the boy in the highchair could look like he was out partying the night before, and here he is slumped at the breakfast table in yesterday's hairstyle waiting for some toast to soak up the alcohol still in his system.

This photo (below) looks to me like an old man trapped in a little boy's body. Doesn't he look like he has a 5 o'clock shadow? This little cutie looks like he spent too much time at the OTB drinking 40s out of paper bags.

l'universe de chocolat ad

Someone help this next drunk baby before he falls over! He's the ad exec who went out boozing after work on a Friday, missed dinner, and is now trying to convince his wife that he only had two drinks.

dentsu drunk baby ad


And this baby is the heartbreaker. He's the guy who flirts with all your girlfriends but he only does it when he's drunk so he's always forgiven. When he's sober and sees another man doing the same, he speaks terribly about him.

drunk baby

Chocolate + whisky + babies. Is it too much for an ad campaign or do you think it's cute?

Images via Buzzfeed

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RanaA... RanaAurora

Bot really a fan of the ad campaign, but I think putting an empty or closed bottle next to a kiddo isn't the end of the world.

toria... toriandgrace

I'm not big on the ad, especially since it would be easier for a child to get ahold of alcoholic chocolate than a beer. However, I don't think there's anything wrong with snapping a picture of a baby pretending to drink a closed alcoholic beverage.

nonmember avatar SKL

People have to re-learn how to take a joke.

My kid gets totally inebriated whenever she drinks mango juice.  It's absolutely hilarious.  And yes I do tell her "YOU'RE DRUNK!" in that disgusted voice in public.  To which she giggles, rolls her eyes, and dances a little jig.

Alcohol is just alcohol.  Let's not give it more power than it actually possesses.  To imply to a child that merely touching a bottle could be dangerous is to teach that humans lack the ability to make intelligent choices when it comes to alcohol.

FTR, I do not drink alchohol, but I still have no qualms about my kids being in close contact with it, and even tasting it.

nonmember avatar Lisa

LMAO @Shocking Drunk Baby Photos...Omg the pics published had me rolling for 10 mins LMFAO

cathyck cathyck

I guess I should have sent in pics of my child.  Ever since she was little (now 7yrs.) almost all of her photos come out with her eyes half closed.  If you didn't know us and only looked at our photos, you would swear we keep her drunk!  That's just the type of photo she takes.  I have to work really hard to get one that isn't that way.  And no, we don't let our kids drink. It's just funny photos.  We all have those "bad hair days" or caught with our mouths full of food photos.  Enjoy the funny moments, too.

tazdvl tazdvl

I agree that a picture of a kid with a beer bottle is funny, and is funny to tell your kid they are drunk if they act/look it. I do think some of you are missing the point, these aren't just family pictures, these are pictures that are being used in an add for candy with alcohol in them. Do the kids look like they are drunk, it cute, yes.....but not for an add that is supposed to be geared towards adults.

nonmember avatar Kimberly

I think it is wrong on so many levels that they are doing this for ads!!!! Like tazdvl said, that kind of thing is supposed to be geared towards adults!

nonmember avatar SKL

What is the danger?  That wee tots will see the ads?  Assuming they do, they will not understand that the candies are alcoholic (and anyway, ad-savvy babies will be too busy asking their mom what a tampon does and asking gramps whether he uses Cialis).  Is the danger that parents will consider feeding these candies to their babies, since getting them drunk looks like such a wonderful idea?  Gimme a break.  Parents that stupid are already feeding their kids beer.  They don't have money left over for alcoholic chocolates.

Who knew a sense of humor was such a dear asset?  Just laugh, for pete's sake.  It's perfectly safe.

k.stark k.stark

Well personally with DH father being an alcoholic I don't see the humor in it.... And ciggarette companys like Camel can't use "cartoon" characters Like Camel Joe so why should it be ok to use babies to advertise alcohol filled chocolate... and chocolate is candy... and kids like candy.. sounds like marketing towards kids.

Spiri... SpiritedTigress

I deffinatly dont think it's cute, but I'm not going to condemn another parent for thinking it is.

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