Diaper Bag Deals of the Week: All Under $30!

diaper bagDiaper bags are one of those essential items for new moms that are put to very good use. I carried my diaper bag every day for at least the first year of my son's life. So, you definitely want to pick a diaper bag that you like and will serve its purpose well and then some (we can all agree a diaper bag carries way more than diapers, right?).

But just like every item we buy for our babies, we don't want to break the bank. It's not impossible to find a great diaper bag that's also a great deal.

Here's a handful of diaper bags that are all smart buys for your newborns and they're all under $30, which is quite the steal for a diaper bag!


First up is this cute slouch bag from Babies R Us that's available for the bargain price of $19.98. It's not only nicely reviewed and has free shipping (if you need to order online), but it's one of those ideal diaper bags that can transition to a regular purse long after you need to carry diapers every time you leave the house.

diaper bag

A friend of mine recommended the Skip Hop Saddlebag ($28) to me when I was searching for my own diaper bag. It's perfect for days out when you have your stroller in tow as it's meant to be easily draped over the side of one. It's not the biggest diaper bag on the market, but it's certainly functional. (And it comes in a handful of awesome colors and patterns.)

diaper bagJCPenney continually surprises me with their baby products. From their nursery furniture to their crib bedding and now their diaper bags, they really do have an impressive line of baby-related items. I really like this Paisley Hobo Diaper Bag ($24.99). It's such a cute style and a great price.

diaper bag

I think the easiest diaper bags to transition to great bags (no diapers needed!) are ones in the tote bag style, so I was also drawn to the Maya Tulip Tote Diaper Bag from Target ($27.99). It's also really pretty!

diaper bag

I like all the Damask bags I've seen, but this green Canvas Pocketed Diaper Bag ($26.95) is both really unique and super-adorable. You can (and should!) get it monogrammed, which would make it the perfect baby shower gift, and it comes with a very useful changing pad.

diaper bag

What diaper bag did you choose?


Images from top to bottom via Babies R Us, Skip Hop, JCPenney, Target, Amazon


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