The Octo Doc Is Busted & More Baby News

octo doc bustedFrom poop to nuts on the street, I've found some super-fun baby news around the globe, or a least the Internet.

Check out these links I'm loving:


You know the well-meaning stranger that tells you how to parent your baby? No? You only know the nosy, judgmental type? Then perhaps you can relate to Tonya's tale of a random lady scolding her for playing rap music with her baby in the car. Yes, really. -- Ad Hoc Mom

Did Nadya Suleman's doctor have a hand in creating her octuplets? Octomom's fertility specialist, Dr. Michael Kamrava, is in trouble with the California Medical Board for implanting seven embryos into a 48-year-old woman, which resulted in one lost baby during pregnancy and one baby born with severe developmental delays. Do you think perhaps it wasn't all her crazy fault? -- Parent Dish

When I started reading this post from Dooce, I thought I was going to learn a few maneuvers to keep my own fast-moving baby off every staircase he encounters. Nope. I'm not going to ruin the, um, fun for you. But just know, in spite of the adorable video, this is more about what comes out than what goes up. -- Dooce


Image via Girl Hate/Flickr

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