The New, Must-Have Celebrity Travel Accessory That You Can't Check

Sandra BullockForget the designer luggage, the latest must-have travel accessory in Hollywood is ... a baby. Both Sandra Bullock and Padma Lakshmi were recently spotted with theirs in tow before takeoff.

Bullock and her 6-month-old son, Louis Bardo, were spotted at the airport in Austin, Texas, over the weekend. With homes both there and in New Orleans, it's safe to say they'll be frequent fliers.


Also spotted taking to the skies recently was foodie extraordinaire Padma Lakshmi with her 4-month-old daughter, Krishna. Only it was no ordinary plane ride for the mother-daughter duo; instead they took to the sky in a helicopter. Yikes!   

With homes and events around the world, celebrity babies often travel frequently. I have to wonder if the moms look with dread at air travel with their babies as I always have with mine. They may have hired help with them to make it more manageable, but even still, I can't imagine it's not at least a little daunting for any mother to think of being trapped thousands of miles above the ground with an inconsolable baby and the eyes of hundreds of strangers glaring at you. Even when my husband and I have traveled together, with a pretty strong 2-1 ratio, our efforts at maintaining a calm baby were thwarted on occasion.

I wonder if celebs like Bullock and Lakshmi stress over how to manage all the strollers and car seats and bottles and how in the hell to change a diaper in an airplane bathroom that doesn't have a changing table -- a whole other kind of mile-high club. And if they come home from what's supposed to be a relaxing vacation more exhausted than before they left.

Do you dread traveling by airplane with your baby? What do you do to make it easier?

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