My Baby Got Hurt; Should I Get Bumpers for the Crib?

baby playing with toysIn the span of 10 minutes, my 7-month-old daughter got a bump on her forehead and a black eye. And I'm not quite sure how it all happened.

I did see her bump her head on the bars of the crib. I was playing with her twin brother on the floor in the nursery and Penelope was in the crib napping. I heard her starting to wake up and she pulled herself toward the edge and did her little "I'm ready to crawl" on all fours and bumped her head. We don't have bumpers.


She started crying and I took her out of the crib to come play with us and the two babies started reaching for the same toys, being cute. I went into the other room to get a drink, came back, sat back down, and played with Hunter some more while Penelope was busy playing with a toy. They were both happy and babbling, no crying at all. When P turned around to me a short time later, she had a little shiner. It's so small it could almost be a scratch, but it's under her eye where a black eye would show up, and between that and the little bruise on her forehead that was now very black and blue, it made me very upset. My poor little bunny!

Either she scratched herself or maybe Hunter kicked her when they were playing ... I really don't know how the eye bruise happened. But the other bruise made me re-think bumpers.

I am of the thought that bumpers are unsafe and just not worth the risk. They can obstruct baby's breathing and they can be used to help baby climb out of the crib. And then the worry of the ties on the bumper -- just too much to worry about.

But why then do bumpers exist? Why do a lot of people have them?

Do I just need to chill out and accept that my babies are going to get little bumps now and then?


Image via Michele Zipp

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