The Bad Seed Is Just Born That Way

bad seedIn a study that throws the idea that there are no bad children, only bad parents completely out the window, a psychiatrist says that yes, there are bad seeds.

We're not talking about psychopaths or criminals here, but those people you meet who just aren't very nice. They're rude, they're condescending, and then you meet the rest of the family and say, "Where did that one come from?"

He came from the womb, and his personality was sour from the start.


While bad parents certainly can create a child with serious issues, and the most severe (see psychopaths above) are certainly a result of childhood abuse -- the run of the mill a-hole can just be born.

The studies often looked at a child with a bad attitude with two loving parents who were at their wits' end, and oftentimes with other, more pleasant children at home. The New York Times article also reminds us how we often marvel at children who escape, seemingly unscathed, from a horrible home situation and go on to become successful, happy adults.

Parents aren't off the hook in this whole child-raising thing, as the article points out, but they aren't the only factor, or even the largest one, in determining a child's personality:

“The central pitch of any child psychiatrist now is that the illness is often in the child and that the family responses may aggravate the scene but not wholly create it.”


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