The Baby: We Can't Take Him Anywhere

taking baby outMy son is almost 16-months-old and we're firmly in that phase where we just can't take him anywhere. He has to either be running, talking loudly or doing both at the same time while dancing. This newfound hyper-motion knocks out any activity that involves both my husband and I wanting to sit down for more than 30 seconds.

Having selective memory from my first child, I don't remember this happening so early in her baby/toddler-hood.

My husband and I, like insane people, keep trying again and again to take him out among other humans. That Mexican restaurant looked so family-friendly! The car ride to the beach on the 4th of July wouldn't be that long, would it?

Sadly, we've realized these are the only four places our baby is allowed:



1) Our backyard

2) Our living room/dining room/his bedroom area (maybe this could count as three places?)

3) His sitter's house

4) The big grassy area at The Grove (Oddly, the mall seems to calm and excite him at the same time.)

You'll notice the lack of fun-time for adult options. Nowhere on this list will you find a restaurant, a movie theater or even a water park. (The Grove doesn't count as he cannot abide the farmer's market, nor The Gap.)

My oldest is almost four-and-a-half, and again with the selective memory -- I can't remember when she became so travel flexible. I would take her backpacking across Europe before taking my baby around the corner to our local bistro.

Needless to say I'm worried that this magical change happened at four-and-one-quarter and we're in for this no travel time for three more years.

When do the babies grow into the "lovely dinner companion" phase again? Anyone?

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