A Peek Inside a Twins' Nursery: Monkey Theme for Two Boys

twin nurseryOne of my best friends, Cherie, is the mother to identical twin boys (and also the creative mastermind behind the web design and online marketing company C*Squared Associates). She was kind enough to answer a few questions about her twins' nursery and share some pictures with us.

Thanks, Cherie!


What store or website was a big inspiration for you when designing and decorating your nursery?

Wendy Bellisimo. I really wanted something that was relaxing to me and made me happy since, let's be honest, the babies had no clue of any of it. I love Wendy's style of making a typical adult pattern baby-friendly. I was originally thinking of using Wendy's safari bedding with orange accents, but my husband and mom were both skeptical of all the animal print. When we came across the "monkeying around" bedding (that's since been discontinued) it seemed like a fair compromise. It may have been a little more pastel than I was originally wanting, but when we added the other accents, I think it turned out perfectly.

What was the most important part of the room for you?

There wasn't one part of the room I cared about more than any other. My main objective/pet peeve was that I wanted it to be cohesive. That is calming to me, that everything looks like it was meant to be there. It's so hard to achieve that when you are first decorating a room, something always looks out of place.

I remember being at Babies R Us after we had picked out the bedding and the "no more monkeys jumping on the bed" accents, and my husband picked out the monkey canvas to the right of the door. It was bright green, and there wasn't any bright green in the room, so I tried to gently suggest we get something else. He had his heart set on the canvas, though, so rather than jeopardize his involvement in the decorating, I bit my tongue. It seems to go now but I remember when we were hanging it, thinking how hideous it was.

twins nursery

Did you allow yourself a splurge?

I wouldn't say we splurged but looking back we certainly didn't decorate the room as economically as possible.

The bedding was from babysupermall.com and priced averagely, I'd say at $150 each. We originally bought the coordinating mobiles but they didn't fit on the beds so we returned them and got the diaper stacker ($20), which we did actually use. We didn't buy the matching rug, toy holder, lamp, wall decor, pillow, or hamper so we saved there. The lined baskets under the changing table were kinda pricey ($19 each) and I am sure we could have come up with a more economical alternative. In addition, the letters spelling their names were not cheap either ($10 per letter!), but I knew I wanted their names above their cribs from the beginning. When we found those in a perfectly matched finish, we paid for the convenience. The changing table and cribs were fairly priced from Walmart. The white hanging shelf and white drawer/bookshelf were reused from my bathroom as a bachelorette. I did find a couple of things at Goodwill that we re-purposed, such as the glider and the lamp in their closet. 

What's one thing you'd do differently if you could start from scratch?

I wouldn't have bought the bed in a bag that came with bumpers. We were warned against bumpers and the possibility of SIDS, so we took them out, which really took away from the bedding. I would have gotten the breathable bumpers and then bought sheets and blankets a la carte.

twins nursery

What are your top five favorite purchases for the room?

The smartest thing that we did was when we transitioned from nursery to toddler room at around 18 months. I was ready to update the room and started looking at different patterns and just wasn't ready to get rid of the monkeys. When I came across some Curious George items, I was inspired. My mom made a new window treatment with half-off fabric from Jo-Ann's for $20. We made new fleece blankets by just tying two pieces of fleece together ($20 each) and added the Curious George decal ($10) and IKEA red shelves in the corners ($3 each). We already had replaced the blue wicker baskets with red canvas baskets at the bottom of the changing table. And we had a fresh look to last until they are talking and can decide for themselves what is next!


Check out Cherie's blog and website for more peeks inside her life of juggling motherhood (to twins!) and a new business. She's a rock star.


Images via Cherie with C*Squared Associates

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