Outrageously Expensive Baby Gear: Would You Skip College Savings for This?

Gucci Diaper BagAre you frugal or do you spend a lot on baby gear? I'm frugal, but it doesn't stop me from wanting the expensive stuff.

I believe I actually gasped out loud when I saw how much this Gucci Diaper Bag cost. $910!

A diaper bag is something you may have to stuff a poop-stained item of baby clothing into, but it's Gucci so maybe the Italian leather smell magically erases eau de baby dump.

Is it wrong to want this bag? Yes. Unless you are insanely wealthy, there are hundreds of other bags you can choose for a fraction of the price. It's not like it's something worth sacrificing your baby's college education fund for.

But this leopard high chair might be.







PoshTots High Chair 

This hand-carved Oval Highchair from Posh Tots has an exotic flair and a price tag of $885. The company promises that these elegant highchairs are built and designed to blend with your beautiful home decor. (As long as you have Liberace's tastes.) The website says, "No longer will you need to compromise your style when choosing a highchair." Ha. They clearly have no idea how much compromising takes place when you are a parent. Nor do they know how much plastic I have in my house.


Oopa Sling

Someone stop me before I buy this -- a four-ply woven Nepalese cashmere sling that retails for $349 from Oopa Baby. Can you imagine what this feels like? With your baby snuggled in tight? I'll bet this literally feels like being wrapped in love. Of course the baby is naked in the photo. I would want to be.

Juicy Faux Fur CoatIt's a good thing I don't have a little girl because while this Juicy Couture Faux Fur coat for babies is totally impractical, completely useless, and costs $292, it's as pink and girly as it gets. Can't you picture your baby in it? I can. Even the boys.

As I head past my rungy high chair to my beat-up diaper bag, I will remember that the baby days go fast -- too fast for designer gear. Even if it's really awesome.

What baby gear would you be willing to spend big bucks on? 

Images (top to bottom): neimanmarcus.com; poshtots.com; oopababy.com; milkshop.com

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