Padma Lakshmi Takes Baby on a Helicopter Ride -- Yikes!

padma lakshi takes baby on helicopter ridePadma Lakshmi of Top Chef fame must not have that new mom fear that seems to strike the rest of us once the baby leaves the safety of the womb. Five-month-old Krishna was dressed to the nines as her mom took her up in a helicopter in New York City.

I wonder if baby Krishna was in an FAA-approved car seat? Do they even make those for helicopters?


This story makes me shudder as I remember someone telling me once, "Those things were never meant to fly." Combined with last year's deadly accident over the Hudson River, you couldn't get me on a helicopter, much less with my babies.

I realize helicopters are perfectly reasonable methods of transportation in times of war, emergency air lifts, or apparently every Friday night in my Los Angeles neighborhood -- but it's one risk that I wouldn't let my children take with or without me.

Does this make me a "helicopter" parent?

Or should Padma be thinking of the safety of her baby over the ease of transport above the crowded Manhattan streets?

Image via David_Shankbone/Flickr

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