Making Your Home Safe for Baby -- 3 Ways to Splurge & 3 Ways to Save

save home for babyKeeping your home safe and healthy for a newborn is a daunting task that can rattle new parents.

As we become more aware of the chemicals in our environment that can be harmful to babies, solutions are popping up all over the spectrum. From the pricey, but effective, to the more affordable options, here are three splurges and three inexpensive ways to keep the germs away while your newborn eats, sleeps, and eventually crawls.




3 Splurges:

Dyson Air Multiplier

A big splurge, the Dyson Air Multiplier comes with a personal note. Having a fan on in baby's room is one simple way to prevent SIDS, but once the baby is mobile, you need to be very careful about where they put their little hands. When my cousin was a baby she put her hand into a fan and had to endure extremely painful surgeries well into adulthood. She still has scar tissue build-up after years of corrective surgery, so this is one area I've always been extremely cautious, to the point of not allowing fans near my children. Dyson's new Air Multiplier is a bladeless fan that has the additional benefit of not collecting dust. Safe, clean, and powerful, this is a serious splurge for amazing ingenuity.

safe home for baby

Dr. Doormat

Most toxins get into your home on the bottom of your shoes. Even if you keep a shoe-free home, you need to keep the germs as far away from your floors as possible. Also, you know that the cable guy or Grandpa will forget (or refuse) to remove his shoes at some point. That's where Dr. Doormat comes in. An antimicrobial doormat, wiping your feet twice across its nubby surface will remove 99 percent of the debris on your shoes. Those are some good odds your baby won't be rolling around on some nasty stuff.

But this splurge is a big save for CafeMom readers from now until Labor Day! Head over to Dr. Doormat and pick it up for $29.99, instead of the usual price of $59.

safe home for baby


Naturepedic Organic Crib Mattress

It will curl your hair reading about the off-gassing of chemicals into your baby while he sleeps. Since your baby does spend most of his time sleeping, you want to protect the tiny body from invading toxins. Investing in an organic crib mattress can cost a bundle, but Naturepedic is on the more affordable side of "Wow, how much is that?" The dual firmness option means this mattress will last you well into toddlerhood where you can flip it over for the bigger kid.


3 Saves:

safe home for baby

Ecover Cleaning Supplies

Seventh Generation saturated the market in natural cleaning supplies, but for less cash you can pick up Ecover, in bulk or individually for your kitchen, bathroom, and of course, the nursery. Ecover went phosphate-free before the big uproar about the damage phosphates can cause. You can get 32 ounces of all-natural general household cleaner for only $5.79.


safe home for baby

Dr. Bronner's Baby & Sensitive Care

Known for all-natural ingredients at an affordable price, Dr. Bronner's also has a baby and sensitive care line for your newborn's sensitive skin. You can get the 16-ounce bottle of soap for under $10 and it should give you months of baby baths. All the ingredients are also fair trade -- bonus!

safe home for baby

Cleanwell Hand Sanitizer

An all-natural hand sanitizer that's alcohol-free (nothing bad for baby to ingest) is the perfect accessory for a nursery. Everyone wants to pinch, cuddle, and put their dirty paws all over that adorable new baby, so be sure you have one of these in the nursery and one when people walk in the front door. Grab a two-pack for only eight bucks to stay ahead of the game.


Dyson Air Multiplier ($299) -- Dyson

Dr. Doormat Antimicrobial Mat ($59) -- Dr. Doormat (On sale for $29.99)

Naturpedic Dual Firmness Organic Crib Mattress ($299) -- BabyEarth

Ecover General Household Cleaner ($5.79) -- Amazon

Dr. Bronner's Baby & Sensitive Care Soap, 16 oz ($9.49) -- Dr. Bronner's

Cleanwell Hand Sanitzer, 2 pack ($8.63) -- Amazon

Images (top to bottom): Dyson, Dr. Doormat, BabyEarthAmazon, Dr. Bronner's, Amazon

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