Babysitter Charged With Attempted Murder of 6-Week-Old

baby's feetA 24-year-old man left a 6-week-old baby boy he was babysitting with brain damage after pinching, shaking, and forcing a bottle into the child's mouth. The baby was crying. This was the way this man, Raymond McPhee from Aberdeen, England, attempted to stop the baby from crying.

The details are disturbing, so I'm warning you before you read on ....


The man was trusted to watch this child while the mother had her first night out after giving birth. I remember when my twins were 6 weeks old -- they were preemies and still so fragile. And 6 weeks was just about the time I started to feel myself again. 

This sitter was supposedly tired and hungover, which doesn't sound like a great babysitter. But I assume he was someone this mother trusted. But when the baby started to cry, he played rock music at full volume to drown out the sound.

I wish that worked, but it didn't.

Next he gave the baby a bottle, but he shoved it in the child's mouth so hard that the baby's lip split open. Then he shook him so hard that his brain rattled in his skull.

The man even texted the mother saying, “LOL. I was sleeping and I heard a thud and he's fallen out of bed ... might have a fat lip.”

I am so disturbed by this.

When the mother got home, she reported that her baby was “floppy” and she took him to the hospital where he started to have seizures. She is a religious woman and this child was near death, so he was given an emergency baptism. 

The baby lived. He has a broken rib, cerebral palsy, and mental retardation as a result of the babysitter's actions.

I'm sure we're all thinking the same thing: How could anyone do this to a baby? But people do. Sometimes it's even people we trust.

My heart and prayers go out to the baby and his mother.


Image via gabi_menashe/Flickr

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