Petunia Picklebottom Line for Target Is Under $50

petunia picklebottom for targetI lusted after the Petunia Pickle Bottom line of diaper bags when I was pregnant like a tween drooling over Jacob the werewolf. 

But for all my devotion to a bag that could survive babydom and go beyond to become a kick-ass purse, the $349 price tag made this a want, not a must-have (and made me an ardent fan of the PPB outlet sales!).

Oh ladies, what I wouldn't give to be pregnant again just for this deal: Petunia Pickle Bottom has designed a line for Target.

And since you're buying in style, this is the time to pronounce it Tar-jay!


The two bags in the line look to be made of a less lush fabric (I haven't hit Target to touch them yet, but the description lists PVC) -- allowing them to offer each for under $50 apiece.

petunia picklebottom for targetThey sport either a mod dot style in blue (left) or the pretty pink tulips (above) -- in keeping with a stylish look that can double as an out on the town bag so you don't feel like you're compromising your own style with this ugly character-printed monstrosity.

I'm not crazy about PVC; I'll say it. It's great for the waterproofing, and probably much easier to clean (bonus), but the velvets of the chocolate decadence bag by Petunia Pickle Bottom literally make me swoon.

Still, with this price, I can buy two -- forget pregnancy, I could see myself rocking the mod dot for dragging my toddler to the pool with all her stuff!

And with free shipping if you spend $50 at the moment, now is the time stock up big on getting ready for baby!

Do you like the new PPB line or do you feel they're compromising too much for the lower price point?


Image via Target

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