Baby Mama of the Week: Holly Mix From Indie Home Ec

holly mix indie home ecWe're all big fans of Indie Home Ec here at The Stir. Holly Mix can make making your own nursing cover sound easy and look fabulous. But we still love her. Really!

In addition to her domestic design advice at Indie Home Ec, Holly's upcycled jewelry at her Etsy shop will make you empty your wallet -- and pronto.

When Holly brought home baby Rhys, I knew she needed to be recognized for her great style, fun blog, and ability to be back up and running so soon after Rhys arrived. She went to Disneyland with that baby, y'all!

Check our her blog, her shop, and her adorable baby boy. Heeeeere's Holly!

Our Baby Mama of the Week:


Name one thing about you that would surprise your readers.

I was a competitive figure skater from when I was about 11 until I finished high school. I had triple jumps! It was such a huge part of my life ... it was my WHOLE life for so long, but I hardly ever talk about it in the old blog. 

What is your proudest parenting moment?

I don't know if I really get to take credit for this, but I'm proud that Rhys is such a smiley, good-natured baby. I'm also proud that breastfeeding is going so well for us now, after having gotten off to a pretty rocky start. 

What's your secret coping mechanism?

My baby-daddy! As soon as my husband is home from work, I pass Rhys off to him for an hour and race around the house like a madwoman putting things away, paying bills, sending thank-you notes, eating, peeing ... all the stuff I never manage to get done while I'm home during the day with the baby.

When your baby is old enough to Google, which blog post are you most afraid of him reading?

I spent much of my pregnancy blogging about my boobs. I'd imagine those posts would make a teenage boy pretty uncomfortable.

What is the best piece of parenting advice you can give?

Don't feel guilty when you finally start using baby wipes instead of wet paper towels. 

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