Fruit Snowballs for Baby

fruit snowballs for babySummer treats for babies don't have to include massive amounts of sugar. So when I saw a suggestion for fruit juice snowballs, I thought about how to make them healthier, while still maintaining the icy deliciousness of a winning summer dessert.

Instead of adding fruit juice or concentrate to your fruit snowball recipe, put your favorite fruits in a blender and create fresh squeezed juice with no added sugars or artificial flavors.


In three easy steps, you can make your own snow cones, sans the cone:

1) Take two big handfuls of your favorite fruit. I picked strawberries because they're in season and look amazing at the farmers' market. Blend until liquid.

2) Empty an ice tray into the blender and blend, stopping to check consistency, until you get that whole snow effect.

3) Scoop snow with an ice cream scoop into a big round ball and put it in a bowl. Pour liquid over and enjoy.

The best part about doling out the fruit snowballs on a hot day is watching your baby's face when he's having a cold treat for the very first time. Super-duper cuteness.


Image via Gudlyf/Flickr

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