My Baby, The Carb-etarian

baby bagelThis morning my 15-month-old had his favorite breakfast -- Cheerios and a bagel. I tried to get a little yogurt into him, but since we had to bribe him with a bagel after a particularly frenzied morning, he wasn't having it.

His older sister eats her fair share of carbs too. Even though we put a balanced dinner in front of her, her reports from the school lunch usually include pasta, and not much else.

The Huffington Post has an article about kids who don't eat meat and fill up on starches instead of fruits and vegetables. The author called these unhealthy vegetarians by another name: Carb-etarians. Sounds just like my boy.


While his sister was a ravenous baby and ate all kinds of foods, my son tends to gravitate toward the white and the meatball. (See, we can't even call him a vegetarian?!) I've never seen such a picky baby.

We do offer him veggies and fruits, but other than gnawing on my apple, he still will only eat fruits and vegetables in puree form. At almost a year-and-a-half, I think this puree kick has gone on too long. With a full set of teeth that seem to do just fine on bagels and meat, I don't get why he avoids the good stuff. He's not even a terrible two!

In the meantime I plan on slathering peanut butter on his bagel and crackers, since at least it will give him something other than starch to fill his gullet. Buying whole wheat pasta is another thing we do to increase the nutritional value, but you really can't get around the fact that the kid needs more vitamins, and more variety.

We're really tiring of repeatedly offering him new foods, only to have him throw them down to the dog. My baby boy really just sticks to what he likes best. And what he likes best usually involves a bread product or three.

What do you do to get your picky baby to eat healthy?


Image via Theodore Scott/Flickr

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