Making Mom Friends: How Do You Do It?

Next week, we're taking Kavi to her first kids' party, the second birthday of one of my best friend's kids. Which got me thinking, I have very few friends who are moms.

Playdates seem like fun.At first I thought this might be because we're in an urban environment, where many of the women I know are still single into their 30s. And so not a lot of my friends have kids.

But who am I kidding? Jersey City and most of Manhattan, even, are stroller central. You see moms with babies everywhere. So why do I have so few mommy friends?


This is something I've been trying to figure out since I first found out I was pregnant. I have a few friends who have kids, but they're all ahead of us parenting-wise, because their kids are already into toddler territory. (Which is awesome when it comes to baby advice, I must admit!)

What I've realized is this: Working from home (and spending most of my free time with Kavi), I can't easily make new friends. But perhaps it's more than that. Really, most of my friends are from college or the days when I worked in-office in the city. Given my office now consists of me, myself, and Kavi, is it any wonder we haven't been on playdates?

But it's not like we haven't tried. In fact, when I was pregnant, my husband and I even signed up for our birthing and baby care classes partially based on the hopes that we'd meet other parents-to-be. While the folks in the class were friendly, they didn't turn into friends.

I've also seen other baby mamas at the cafe or the park, but I don't go consistently enough to really strike up an authentic friendship. Maybe it really is time to sign up for mommy-and-me yoga or some such activity.

How do you make mom friends?


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