Smoking in Car With Baby on Board Could Be Illegal

smoking in carNo one wants to see a smoking baby. But what about secondhand smoke? What about exposing a baby to that smoke in a car?

There is a new law in New York that seeks to ban smoking in passenger cars where a child under 14 is a passenger. If caught, there could be a $100 fine. Some states already have a law like this in effect.

As a mom of 7-month-old twins, I'm not okay with anyone smoking around my babies. I don't even allow smoking in my car when they aren't in the car. (Too stinky.) But that's my personal choice.


A car is personal property. Just like a house. What's next? People banned from smoking in their homes if they have kids? Or maybe it will only be banned for people who live in small apartments -- you know, if your house is less than 700 square feet, then you can't smoke in it if you have kids.

Who's going to enforce this? Smokey the Bear?

I get it -- smoking is bad for you and so is secondhand smoke, we all know that. I don't smoke and my husband quit when I was pregnant. I've seen the cigarette commercials, know what it does to my lungs, saw how it can make your fingers fall off. But what I choose to do or not do is my business. Smoking itself isn't illegal.

What about the mom who is smoking while pushing the stroller down the street? Or the dad with a cigarette dangling in his mouth while he carries his daughter in the parking lot? How about the outdoor BBQ where most of the adults have lit up and are sitting around a mat where the kids are crawling around? Should all these scenarios be banned?

It's up to us, as parents, to make the right decisions. Smoking in front of your kids in a confined space isn't a good idea and I would hope it isn't done -- at least not often. But should it be the law?

What do you think?


Image via joka2000(out)/Flickr

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