How to Throw a Stress-Free 1st Birthday Party

Stress-Free Guide to the Perfect 1st Birthday PartyYour baby's first birthday is such an exciting occasion! I was so thrilled to throw a first birthday party for my son Rowan. I couldn't wait to have a party -- to celebrate his first year of life but also to celebrate the journey my husband and I had made together as parents.

A first birthday is a big deal, but a first birthday party doesn't need to be one as well. There are lots of ways to throw a stress-free first birthday party.


Keep it small: Invite family and close friends but save the neighborhood kids and casual acquaintances for another time. Don't forget that you will be throwing a party AND taking care of your baby as well. (Unless you invite your babysitter!)

Invite online: Websites like Evite, Smilebox, and MyPunchbowl all have online invitations that go out via email and allow you to easily track RSVP replies without stamps, phone calls, or the time it takes to track down addresses.

Respect the nap: Make sure baby has enough time to rest during the day of the party. You want them to enjoy the day and you need a little time to take care of last-minute details.

Let them eat cake: Don't organize a fancy dinner or a big spread. Host an afternoon get-together and offer snacks, drinks, and of course, cake.

Darling decorations: For Rowan's birthday I printed out and hung up pictures all around the house taken during his first 12 months. You can always add a few streamers for extra color and effect. Check out Jennie's first birthday ideas for more ideas.

How did you celebrate your baby's first birthday or how do you plan to?


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