Reusable Swim Diapers -- Must-Have for Baby

baby swimsuit with diaperIf you don't have the right diaper for swimming, it's not going to be a pretty sight if baby goes potty in the pool. And if you ever tried to let her swim with a regular diaper on, you quickly learned about diaper technology -- and how much liquid it can hold (and how disgusting the insides are when it explodes). Ick!

When I was younger, we had a small 4-foot pool and a sign hanging near it that read: We don't swim in your toilet, so please don't pee in our pool. Great saying, right? No one wants to swim in pee and no one wants to deal with the aftermath of a baby pooping in a pool. So I found these reusable swim diapers that will save the day and save the planet. No swim diapers needed -- it's all built into the suit.


Bambino Mio Swim Suit Nappy ($29.95) is a bathing suit with a built-in leak-proof diaper (shown above). So smart and eco-friendly! The company also makes bottoms only. The Bambino Mio Swim Nappy in pink ($16.98) is perfect for your baby girl to wear under her swimsuit or with a bikini top. Baby boy can wear the blue nappy alone or under his swim trunks.

swim diapernappy










The My Pool Pal Swimster Bikini ($24.95) from Swim Outlet is a great two-piece with a secure diaper bottom. They also have Boys' Ultimate Swim Diaper Trunks ($18.95) for your little man.

baby bikini swim diaper

swim diaper trunks











Girl's Swimsuit Diaper Pink Print ($8.99) from Kushies looks very retro to me -- like a '50s-style apron. I love this print with little fishes and seahorses on it. And the price! Buy two so if baby goes potty, you can just change her into a clean one. They have bottoms for boys, too. The Swimsuit Diaper Print Boat ($10.99) is my favorite.


baby diaper swimsuitboys swim diaper













Have you tried reusable swim diapers and swimsuits on your little one?

Images (top to bottom, left to right) Bambino Mio; Target; Target; Swim Outlet; Swim Outlet; Kushies; Kushies

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