Nursery Tour: Natalie With Flip and Glib

nursery Time for a nursery tour! Natalie is the mom to two beautiful girls, Georgia and Adele. When she had Adele, she had to put both girls in one room, so the nursery had limited space.

But, wow, did she work wonders with the room she had, and her design and style are just lovely.

I asked her a few questions about her nursery, and she was kind enough to provide some well thought-out answers.


1. What store or website was a big inspiration for you when designing and decorating your nursery?  

At the time I was first pregnant, I had just started reading blogs, and I don't even think I knew about design blogs! I just knew I liked a colorful but modern aesthetic; I'm not really into the frilly and fussy. Plus, we chose not to find out the gender of either of our kids in advance, so modern seemed like a good fit. I now LOVE Ohdeedoh and Apartment Therapy, so those have been influences as the room has evolved.

2. What was the most important part of the room for you?

Probably determining colors and choosing a rug; we have hardwoods and I wanted something that would make it easier to spend lots of time playing on the floor. I was lucky to find ours at the Pottery Barn outlet for a fraction of its original cost.

3. Did you allow yourself a splurge?

The mobile above the crib was definitely a splurge! I still don't think I told my husband what it cost because I'm sure I would get a "but it's made of paper!" thrown my way.


4. What's one thing you'd do differently if you could start from scratch?

Well, if I had known we were having a girl (we now have two girls), I think I would have incorporated a little more girly into the room. That's how the butterfly decals wound up coming into play when my older daughter was about 18 months; they're girly but they're red, so I didn't feel like they made the room too feminine in case we had a boy the next time around. We always knew our kids would share a room so it made sense. (I also might rethink buying a rug that has white as a background color. Ahem.)

5. Where did you get that gorgeous mobile, by the way?

It's from the amazing Heather at Frazier and Wing. I adore all of her pieces and I honestly wish I had one in each room of my house.

6. List your top five favorite purchases for the room.

1. The Frazier and Wing mobile 2. Pottery Barn rug 3. and 4. the two prints above the crib: the elephant by Elizabeth Soule and the book print is a 20x200 piece 5. the Blabla doll on the bed (each of my girls has one and they adore them).

Thank you, Natalie! Your room is gorgeous.


Images via Natalie with Flip and Glib

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