Kourtney Kardashian Co-Sleeps. Do You?

kourtney kardashian cosleeps with baby masonLike many of us, Kourtney Kardashian had parenting ideas that changed as soon as her baby boy arrived. Even though she thought the idea was crazy pre-baby, Mason shares the family bed with Scott and Kourtney and she's blogging about how much she loves the bonding time with her 6-month-old.

Co-sleeping can be controversial, but it looks like Kourtney is practicing safe co-sleeping by removing all of the pillows from the bed to avoid suffocation. Still, she's hearing mixed reviews from friends and wonders if she's setting herself up for a lifetime of the baby in the bed.


We also went back and forth on the idea, but ultimately decided against co-sleeping every single night. It's a very personal choice, and as long as you're taking precautions (not drinking heavily or using drugs, removing any items from the bed that could cause suffocation), it can be a wonderful thing to share with your babies.

Still, some parents want to take back their bed and their privacy (this was a big part of our decision), while others think the risks are just too great to even try co-sleeping.

It's nice to see a celebrity talking about co-sleeping and how she weighs these parenting decisions in a public forum. It might make moms stop and consider something they wouldn't have before, while still feeling it's perfectly acceptable to question any preconceived notions.

Do you co-sleep?


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