Breastfeeding, Bongs & Wal-Mart: Best Baby Reader Comments

baby reader commentsNot surprisingly, you all had a lot to say about parents selling babies and putting up incriminating Facebook photos.

Those stories and more in the best in baby reader comments:


Sona asks if she and her husband can really afford child care when she heads to grad school. A lot of us weighed in on our own child care expenses and Cafe MicheleZ had some good tips on how she makes it work in a very expensive city:

Child care is so expensive in NYC. I work, my husband works, we have twins. And a nanny who comes 3 days a week. The cost of those three days a week comes out to about what I pay in rent, which is A LOT. Still, I feel lucky to have 2 days working at home and the three days in office. I'm not sure how I would make ends meet or even have a bit to save for the babies' future if I had to do full-time child care.

Good lucky, Sona. I'm with you on how hard it all is. But I know you and your family will figure out what's best for you. We got rid of cable, stopping eating out as much, and I curbed my shopping habit. :) Every little bit helps.

With another baby conundrum, Sona asked us if we would give antibiotics to a four-month-old. Most responses were measured, and hoticedcoffee had this to say:

Internal infections needs to be treated, especially in an infant - an infant immunity system is very immature, why in the world would you expect it to be able to tackle an ear infection?  Those buggers are so stubborn, sometimes they need a double run of antibiotics before they clear up. 

I can see holding off on meds and going a natural route when a child is a couple of years old, but definitely not under a year.

Julie shared the news that the Duggar preemie was coming home and asked you all for your preemie experiences. A response from madfoot exemplifies the dramatic changes you go through once you become a parent:

Me too, Julie. No matter what I think about whoever, I'm always going to have a soft spot for a mom bringing a preemie home. When I sprung Penelope from the hospital, she spent a solid two months pasted to me or my husband -- I hadn't planned on being an attachment parent, but we were all just so damn happy to be together. I wish them the best.

The post with the most profanity this week received a lot of responses to Adrianne Curry's tweet that breastfeeding in public was akin to eating p***sy in public. RanaAurora got right to the point:

What a dumb@#$

Jennie confessed to yelling at her 16-month-old and asked if other parents did too. ssteph answered:

I have and have felt terrible after I did it. I apologize and tell him how much I love him. It just happens sometimes. You make mistakes... I have yet to meet the *perfect* mom.. lol.

Julie wishes the dad who tried to sell his baby at Wal-Mart for $25 had gotten away with it. SKL explained while getting the baby away from these crazies is a good idea, the necessary channels must be used:

Unfortunately there is no easy answer for children born into this circumstance.  The child needs a birth certificate.  Growing up, the child needs to know her history.  Adoption means love for the adoptive parents, but it means loss for the child, at least to some degree.  Although the "system" may not be as convenient as what you suggest, it is better for the child to know that she is where she is legitimately.

Another point - if someone says they are selling their child, how do you know they haven't kidnapped someone else's child and tried to sell her for drug money?  Or that the mother hasn't been coerced?  The child may have loving parents.  Even if the child's bio parents are scum, she might still have other loving relatives who will raise her well and minimize the disruptions in her life.

Pretty much everyone was appalled at the mom who put a picture of her baby with his mouth on a bong on Facebook. But not everyone agreed on whether or not the baby should be removed from the home. A foster parent, mamaktb, weighed in:

As a foster parent, it pains me to see this and also to hear about the bad foster parents out there. Unfortunately, you are not going to hear about the good ones because that is not going to make the news.  Please try to remember that the majority of foster parents love the kids in their home but you would think otherwise because of the way they are shown in the media. 

Of course, CPS should be called. Should the child be removed? Not necessarily. Depending on the history of this family, they may just need some in-home interventions. If the family has an extensive history, this may be the thing that puts the child in foster care.

I'm sure many of you are fabulous parents. Maybe you should consider opening your home up to a kiddo whose parent(s) either need some time to learn some things or who can no longer properly care for their child.

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