World's Oldest Mom Has Baby at 70

world's oldest momThere's a trend in India, some say a dangerous trend, of women over the age of 50 getting pregnant using IVF. A shocking result is this 70-year-old woman becoming a mother for the first time because she was embarrassed to be a barren woman.

I would hope by age 70 I wouldn't give a fig about what society may or may not be saying about me, especially regarding my womb.

More disturbing, in that same clinic in India, a 66-year-old first-time mom gave birth to triplets. Sadly, one of the triplets died last week since he was so small and weak. Proving the point that pregnancy late in life is very risky for not just the mother, but the baby.


A doctor on the TODAY show says if you're healthy, the age doesn't matter. Dude, yes it does! Of course, he also said if the old mom dies, whoever takes care of the baby is not his problem. Nice guy.

As Dr. Nancy Snyderman says, "Do you want to be a parent? Or do you want to pop a baby out of the birth canal?" Right on Dr. Nancy. Giving birth does not a mother make.

Hey, at least she's breastfeeding, right?


Image via MSNBC

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