Maryland Bans BPA, California Passes Toxics-Free Babies Act

bpa ban maryland californiaWe're two steps closer to getting Bisphenol A, a deadly toxin, out of our babies' sippy cups, bottles, and food containers.

Today, Maryland became the fourth body of government in the U.S. to ban BPA from all plastic containers. Chicago, Connecticut, and Minnesota have already banned BPA.

After the Toxics-Free Babies and Toddlers Act was defeated in California on Monday, it went back for a vote before the California Assembly today and narrowly passed. The battle to get BPA out of our babies isn't over in California, as it still has to go through the Senate one more time, then on to Governor Arnold.


It's beyond me why BPA has not already been banned, at the very least, in baby products. Study after study has shown the toxicity of the substance from breast cancer to future sexual and reproductive problems.

Canada has banned BPA, parts of Europe have banned BPA -- what's the holdup here?

At least we're two states closer to getting the poison out of everyone's cupboards.

Image via tiffanywashko/Flickr

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