5 Must-Haves for Baby's Day at the Beach

Pottery Barn Kids TowelIt's beach time! Rest assured that you have everything you need for a safe and enjoyable day in the water.

Just take a look at our list of five items you must have for baby's day at the beach:

What's better than a kid-sized super-soft beach towel? One that's personalized with your baby's name on it, of course. Pottery Barn Kids makes these mini-beach towels ($22) that are just the right size for little folks to nap on, dry off with, or snuggle up in.




Banana Boat Sunscreen

But before you even get outside, you need to be armed with bottles of sunscreen. You don't want to wind up with sunscreen all over yourself instead of your squirming baby, which is why I buy spray sunscreen like this one from Banana Boat Baby ($9.99). The lotion mist sprays on quickly and evenly, and it's tear free and has UVB and UVA protection. I keep a bottle in the house and in the car at all times.Sun Smarties Swim Diapers

You will definitely need swim diapers for your water outing. If you're spending a vacation at the beach or if Grandma's house has a pool, you might want to consider these reusable swim diapers from One Step Ahead ($8.95). At that price you can afford to buy a couple of pairs and still come out ahead over buying disposables.

Melissa and Doug Sand ToyYou'll be amazed at how much fun a baby can have with a simple bucket and shovel. I love this Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Seaside Sidekicks Sand Baking Set ($12.79). Of course your baby will love the one you pick up at the grocery store for 99 cents just as much, but I'm a sucker for a toy that smiles back at you.

EZ Freeze Snack TimeThe 6- to 12-month set is going to need a snack break. This EZ-Freeze Snack Time container from One Step Ahead ($6.95) is brilliant! The drinking cup and snack holder stack together, then twist apart. The spill-proof sipper cup has freezer gel, so drinks can stay chilled and you can throw it in your beach bag without worrying about a soggy mess.

What can you not leave the house without this summer?


Images (top to bottom): PotteryBarnKids.com; Walgreens.com; OneStepAhead.com; Amazon.com; OneStepAhead.com

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