4th of July Baby Onesie: How to Make Your Own

crafts to design onesieI'm going to a family BBQ for July 4th and realized I don't have any festive clothes for my babies to wear. And since I shop almost exclusively online, it's a little late for me to buy something and have it get here on time. So I looked in the drawer and in the clothes that no longer fit pile and decided to make my own.

All you need is a onesie -- in red, white, or blue. And then you can choose the color of your star and outline from there. I had a red onesie and the blue fabric is from jeans I cut to make daisy dukes for my daughter. The white string is a shoelace. Plus, scissors, marker, and needle and thread.

It's easy to craft. Here's how!


Draw a star on the back of the fabric you are using for the applique.

Star drawn on fabric

Cut it out. Don't worry if it's not perfect.

star cut out of fabric

Decide where you want to place the star. Center or back (great for crawlers).

star onesieapplique on back on onesie













I placed the star off-center to one side. Sew it on along the edges. Looks cute just like this. If you use thick white embroidery thread, you can stop here.

Or you can go with the white outline of a shoelace, cut to fit around each side of the star. Sew this on as well. Use red or white or even blue thread.

I used red thread. Here is Penelope modeling my creation. I still need to sew the white outline on better -- a simple stitch isn't enough to hold down the edges. I'll be working on that tonight, but you get the idea. Plus, these colors are great for boy or girl. And of course, baby can wear this all year -- not just for the 4th.

baby in 4th of july onesie

Will you try this? What is your baby wearing for the 4th of July?

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