There's Too Much Sugar in Your Baby Food

too much sugar in baby foodCheck your baby food labels, everybody!

More than half of the most popular baby and toddler foods were found to have excessive amounts of sugar -- more than 20% of the calories! -- according to a University of Calgary study.


Simple fruit and vegetable purees were not included in this study, but I'm definitely going to take another look at those labels as well.

While you might assume that foods for babies and toddlers would be healthier than say, McDonald's, that's actually 100% false. The article states that many parents fall into this trap, and don't bother checking the label for sugar or sugar variants like corn syrup or dextrose. Oftentimes, those are the first ingredients listed on the label.


The article also talks about how these pre-packaged foods are marketed to adults, and completely unnecessary for children. For example, one toddler meal came with a coconut cream dessert. You know, because your 16-month-old was asking for it.

You can make all of your baby and toddler meals from scratch pretty easily, but there are also baby food options out there that don't give you convenience at the expense of health.

As with your own food, always, always, always check the label before eating.

Is this new study shocking to you?

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