New Baby Sleep Secret: Be Happy!

Sleeping babyFrustrated because your baby won't sleep through the night? That could be the problem according to a new study that shows the emotions of a mother at bedtime directly impact her baby's sleeping habits.

In other words: Happy mom equals sleeping baby.


"These findings demonstrate that parents' emotional availability at bedtimes may be as important, if not more important, than bedtime practices in predicting infant sleep quality," researchers say. "Results support the theoretical premise that parents' emotional availability to children in sleep contexts promotes feelings of safety and security and, as a result, better-regulated child sleep."

Researchers looked at children between 1 and 24 months of age. While the link between a parent's emotional availability and sleep was strongest for the youngest children, they found some association for all the children.

So instead of all those routines -- the sound machines, music, special blankets, banging your head against the wall, and other methods you've tried -- just take a nice deep breath, smile, and enjoy your baby. She'll feel the love, and give it back by letting you get a good night's sleep, which will make you happier ... what a wonderful cycle!

There are definitely days when I'm counting down the minutes to my daughter's bedtime after a stressful day that I know I'm not emitting calm positivity. After reading this study, you can bet I'm going to try and take a few deep breaths and put on a big smile each and every night.

Do you struggle with being happy and emotionally available when putting your baby to bed?

Image via MamaChamp

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