Breastfeeding Anthem? Glamorous by Fergie Changed to Oh the Bouncy Bouncy

cialis wonderglands performanceThe University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine has a drama society, Scope & Scalpel, and each year they do a spoof. For 2010's performance, Cialis' Wonderglands took Fergie's song "Glamorous" and switched up the lyrics to be pro-breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding, oh the bouncy bouncy!

Click through to see the hilarious performance.


Some of my favorite lines include:

Better than champagne, smoother than silk
Better latch on and don't let go.
Wonder why you got these things
, throw away those nipple rings
Casein and whey proteins -- breast milk got a bunch of things
If you don't then you're just mean. Your baby's gonna be too lean.
Not your scene, use a machine -- not as bad as it might seem
And it's good for you as well. Watch your tiny boobies swell.
In the mood? Well, that's cool. Works for contraception, too.

And then, the "baby" speaks:

Let me get at yo' domes.

Now I gotta take a poopie.

Breast milk runs right through me.

If you ain't gonna breastfeed, take yo' broke ass home!

I was giggling. My husband didn't get it. But he's not the one who's lactating.

What do you think of this breastfeeding anthem?

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