Another Baby Given a Bong & More News

kids safetyA wide spectrum of baby news from the overprotective parent to the criminally negligent. Here are some links to dive in to:

  • Lenore Skenazy, of Free Range Kids fame, skewers an article that tells parents what essentials to bring when visiting family with the baby. While I laughed hysterically at her "Puma-Proof Your Portable Crib" suggestion, and the items she listed aren't on my "must-pack" list -- she's still missing the point. We recently spent a weekend chasing our 15-month-old around (who doesn't understand "don't touch" just yet) and moving whatever furniture we could in front of electrical outlets because he will put his finger directly into the socket. Having my baby break bones after tumbling down the stairs or getting electrocuted really ruins a family reunion. So some safety precautions are necessary, even if bringing your own baby bathtub is clearly over the top. -- ParentDish
  • I didn't know baby naming in Utah varied so much from the rest of the US of A. Since the number one baby name for a girl is Aaleigh, clearly I have a lot to learn. A guest blogger from the LDS explains it all for you including the challenge of everyone having the same last name, no middle names for girls, and the matronymic. Fascinating stuff. -- Nameberry


Image via mollypop/Flickr

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