5 Great Books to Buy for Your Baby's Nursery

baby book brown bear brown bear
My son has really fallen in love with books recently, and one thing I'd suggest to all new moms is to stock up on baby books early and often because one day your baby will want to read a book every 10 minutes, and it's rather expensive to stock up then.

So, if you're heading to the bookstore to pick out a few books for your baby -- either to read now or to save for later -- here are my top five. (Or, should I say, my son's top five!)


1. Brown Bear, Brown Bear (pictured above). This may be a cliche choice, but this was one of the first books Kyle wanted me to read over and over (and over and over) again. He loved the colors and the final page where all the animals are listed together. This is also a great book to buy for a new mom or as a shower gift.


2. My First Numbers: Let's Get Counting! Half the words and items Kyle can say and recognize now are because of this book. He knows "flower" and "feet" and "fish" (and plenty more). He reads this book alone and he reads it with me.

baby book

3. Slide & Find Animals (or Trucks or Words or Colors). My son started reading the Animals version of these books first, and it's how he learned what a cow says and what a bunny does (well, not quite, as he makes the most adorable face that doesn't look like a bunny at all, but it's too ridiculously cute to correct him). Now, he's all about the Trucks book like the total boy he is.

slide and find trucks book baby book

4. Baby Einstein Let's Look! This is another fun book to help your baby learn words and animals and colors. It's also huge, so you can spend a good chunk of time looking through it. Kyle asks to "read" this one almost daily.

baby book baby einstein's let's look!

5. Ten Little Ladybugs. My son is currently obsessed with ladybugs and I think that's because there are plenty of ladybugs hanging out in our garden and because of this book. It's a fun, colorful, 3D, rhyming book. And I actually don't mind reading it either.

Ten Little Ladybugs baby book


What's YOUR baby's favorite book?


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