Losing Baby Weight: Shaping Up That Muffin Top!

SpanxBefore I had a baby, I had no idea what shapewear was. Shapewear? What is that, I wondered? A girdle?

No matter how much baby weight I lose, I still have a little pouch of belly fat, known as a muffin top. You know, the kind that seems flat enough until you put on a pair of pants and you find it hanging over the top. Ugh!

If your after-baby tummy needs help, you can find lots of options including this Hide & Sleek Cami from Spanx ($44). Thank goodness slimming undergarments have come a long way since the days of your Grandma's girdle! Take a peek:


Yummie TummieThe very best that shapewear has to offer definitely comes from Yummie Tummie. Yummie Tummie has slimming tanks and briefs (they even make a tummy-tucking thong!). They have it all -- tops and bottoms, yoga pants, leggings, and even intimates, all with concealed panels that smooth out those bumps. Look at this Short Sleeve Crew T-shirt ($76). I know that it's pricey, but the confidence that you will exude walking around that backyard party and bending down to pick up your baby is worth the price tag.

There are less expensive options as well for the midsection-challenged population. Maidenform has a line of shapewear that retails for around $25. Target also sells a line for about the same price, although, I'll be honest, I never have good luck with bargain brands. I usually find myself tugging on the tank or almost dislocating my shoulder trying to get it off. Always remember too, whichever brand you choose, make sure you check the package for sizing information and purchase the right size.

Do you use shapewear to boost your confidence?


Images (top to bottom): Spanx.com; YummieTummie.com

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