The Little Seed Sprouts at Target: Q&A With Soleil Moon Frye and Paige Goldberg

The LIttle Seed soleil moon fryeThe Little Seed is an eco-boutique that specializes in organic, non-toxic goods for your baby. I'm lucky enough to live within walking distance of the fashionable, adorable shop in Los Angeles, opened by Paige Goldberg and Soleil Moon Frye (of Punky Brewster fame) and have emptied my wallet on safe sunscreens and organic cotton onesies on more than one occasion.

But Paige and Soleil have a larger mission: To create affordable, organic options for babies that don't live in their neighborhood.

Much to their delight, Target was just as thrilled to partner with The Little Seed and offer (for a limited time, until October 14) The Little Seed mix-and-match organic baby clothes ($7.99 for pants and onesies), organic hoodie towels ($12.99), and organic baby accessories at amazing prices all over the Target nation starting July 4.


I sat down with these smart mamas and we talked about how excited they were about the Target launch and how, as busy moms themselves, they make small choices every day to raise healthier kids on a healthier planet -- but are far from perfect.

Why did the two of you open The Little Seed?

Paige Goldberg: It was really born out of love for our children. Jackson (Goldberg’s son) was born and within eight weeks, he developed eczema from head to toe. It looked like third-degree burns on his body. Doctors told me to stop breastfeeding and they said we should give him steroids. And I thought -- this doesn’t feel right to me. And I wanted to nurse my baby.

So the angry mom in me had to figure it out. I did a lot of research and I called my husband sobbing one day saying, “I’ve figured it out. Our home is toxic.” I threw everything out in our house -- the cleaners, the mattress, the toys, you name it -- and I replaced it with organic and safe alternatives, which were very hard to find and not cheap. His eczema went away in about two and a half weeks.

A few months later Soleil and I went to lunch and I told her everything. She had done her own searching to find a natural way to help Poet’s (Frye’s daughter) acid reflux. We couldn’t find anything out there so we decided to create a store where everything is safe and non-toxic and parents can come in and talk about this stuff and learn! We were motivated by pure passion.

Soleil Moon Frye: We’d gone through so much with our kids. The other amazing thing about all of this -- our dream was to do a partnership with Target. We always wanted to share The Little Seed. We’re just doing our best as parents to live our best life. So for us, it was how do we make this hip and stylish and so everyone can afford it too?

PG: These are our two favorite stores: The Little Seed and Target. I’d rather do three hours alone in Target than go to the spa.

How do the clothes move into the mass market without losing the quality?

SMF: When we started The Little Seed we wanted to create something so super-hip and stylish and colorful that turns the idea of eco on its head. We wanted to create a vibrant, colorful line that felt like you were looking into a candy store, and everything was tested on our kids. What’s incredible about the partnership with Target is they allowed us to continue with our vision, even down to the packaging. We wanted it to be minimal waste and no plastic.

PG: We wanted it to be a product we wanted to buy. They were so respectful of that.

SMF: It’s an extension of our product, but a less expensive version. For $12.99 you can get this beautiful reversible towel that I put on my daughters every day. It's $7.99 for pants, and $7.99 for an organic onesie. For a very affordable price you can dress your kid for every day of the week. I feel like it’s the best mommy gift.

What's next? Do you have other far-reaching eco-friendly goals for The Little Seed?

SMF: I’m all about balance. I’m the mom that turns out the lights all year long so I can have the lights on at Christmas. Our kids have wonderful wood toys, but we break down when we go to Disneyland. We love to cook together and go to the farmers' market, but at the same time my daughter has her gummy treats.

There are so many parents that are trying to do their best. None of us should feel bad for doing our best. Our saying is: A little eco goes a long way. We can all take small steps that make big shifts.

Find The Little Seed organics at Target from July 4 until October 14.


Image via Target

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