Adrianne Curry Compares Oral Sex to Breastfeeding


adrianne curry breastfeeding tweetCrazy Twitter alert from one of America's Next Top Models!

Just a technical note for Adrianne Curry, I don't think our bodies were designed to naturally perform cunnilingus. We can all do it, but there isn't actually a hormone that's produced that triggers cunnilingus specifically.

Naturally the top model has received some serious backlash, promptly this doozy of a tweet:

I dont care if you are offended..>I am offending watching babies suck nipples while trying to we are even

This from a woman whose Twitter home page shows more skin than any breastfeeding mama would ever dare. Twitter is also in public, Adrianne.

Do you think Adrianne Curry is really that dumb? Or is she trying to drum up a reality TV show of her very own?

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Cafe Amy Cafe Amy

Maybe just dumb.

jeann... jeannesager

Such a cry for attention

Laila... Laila-May

Dumb and attention starved.

ourliss ourliss

Some people, celebrities in particular, should be fitted with muzzles.... 

CherB... CherBearCM

Who is she anyways?  Yea I'm going with dumb!   Although it did make me laugh!

nmmama09 nmmama09

I guess being married to Peter Brady is no longer enough to keep her in the spotlight. Eating p***y as she so eloquently put it, may come natural to her but I've never felt the urge to do it.

cindy64 cindy64

wow. what an idiot.

nonmember avatar Cassandra P

I think the point here is to use some descetion when breastfeeding.  Yes, you have a right to breastfeed, in fact it should be EXPECTED that you breastfeed, but when other people (strangers) are around, what is the big deal about being descrete?  Why does everyone get so offended.

ethan... ethans_momma06

I actually think it's an interesting comparison. See people routinely call for the complete covering of breasts at ALL times because of their dual role in our society- both sexual AND functional. However I don't think she thought what she was saying all the way through. Oral sex is far more intimate (and common place) then anything commonly done with breasts. Heck most sexual things done to a breast requires some mouth action. And yet in this society our mouths are NOT required to be covered at all ever, even though they do some incredibly dirty sexual things. Why? Because they have other functions like nourishment.

And so I really think that breasts need to be afforded the same decency. When not serving their biological purpose (nourishment), by all means- cover those puppies up! But when (like a mouth that is now stuffing down that burger and fries after a night of licking, sucking and gulpping in the bedroom) they ARE-it's the rest of society that needs to look away if it has a problem.

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