Adrianne Curry Compares Oral Sex to Breastfeeding

adrianne curry breastfeeding tweetCrazy Twitter alert from one of America's Next Top Models!

Just a technical note for Adrianne Curry, I don't think our bodies were designed to naturally perform cunnilingus. We can all do it, but there isn't actually a hormone that's produced that triggers cunnilingus specifically.


Naturally the top model has received some serious backlash, promptly this doozy of a tweet:

I dont care if you are offended..>I am offending watching babies suck nipples while trying to we are even

This from a woman whose Twitter home page shows more skin than any breastfeeding mama would ever dare. Twitter is also in public, Adrianne.

Do you think Adrianne Curry is really that dumb? Or is she trying to drum up a reality TV show of her very own?

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