Baby Taking Bong Hits on Facebook

baby smoking bongSee this baby smoking a bowl? Adorable, right? His mother thought it was. So much so, she posted it on Facebook and now she's taking some heat, in the form of child protective services and the court of public opinion.

The Florida mom is first trying to convince us all it's tobacco she's smoking in that bong. Secondly, she says her 11-month-old baby is obviously not smoking, so what's the big deal?


I doubt an 11-month-old has yet to grasp holding it, but that doesn't change the fact that his mouth is on the bong. Whether you're smoking tobacco (yeah, right) or anything else, you should try to keep your developing baby away from such things. Having him lip the rim is a stupid idea, if not illegal. I mean, what's she smoking?

As if we don't know.

Should this baby's mom get in trouble with the law?


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