Sperm Donor Babies Have Problems & More News

baby bengal tigerYikes! Studies are showing some not-so-hot things these days, whether it's the troubles of babies of sperm and egg donors or how many kids die in hot cars in July. Luckily, we have some cute baby picks to lift you out of this baby news depression. And the links are ...

  • A new study about babies conceived through sperm or egg donation is showing startling negative behaviors as these babies grow into young adults. While the authors of this study cite the damaging effect of treating a sperm donor differently than a biological father (among many other things), this is one study I'm finding difficult to decipher due to the fact that individual parenting surely makes a difference. Take a look and see why they say it's better to adopt than to go through a sperm bank or a surrogate when the baby will never know, or place importance on, the biological father or mother. -- Double X
  • My husband and I trade off who takes the baby and who takes the pre-schooler to their respective child care locations in the morning. This piece on Motherlode scared the crap out of me about July being the month when the most children die in hot cars. There are, however, some great tips on how to avoid forgetting your baby or child; especially when you're like us and taking the baby to daycare isn't necessarily an everyday occurrence. -- Motherlode
  • And now for some good news ... adorable baby lions and tigers and more at HuffPo! Who's a cuddly, wuddly snow leopard? You are! -- The Huffington Post


Image via The Pug Father/Flickr

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