Binky Bling: 5 Pacifiers You Don't Want to Lose

I let my older son have a pacifier (or as we call them, a binky) until he was well past his third birthday. (Oops!)

I think between my two kids, I have purchased, lost, found, and searched desperately for dozens of pacifiers like this snooze binky from lots2saybaby ($6.99).

If you are going to be digging around the crib at midnight like me, at least you will feel a little less grumpy when you find one of these 5 pacifiers you don't want to lose:



This little piggy went to ... sleep hopefully! This is a Billy Bob Lil' Pig Pacifier ($9.55).

I like the idea of a personalized binky. i think I might get one of these with one of my baby's many nicknames on it from personalized pacifiers ($6.99).


Munchkin makes these cool crystal encrusted pacifiers ($4.99) in different colors and designs. (The crystals are underneath the clear plastic and not on the outside where they could potentially come loose and become a hazard.)

Things will go swimmingly with this little fish pacifier from RaZBaby ($4.49).

If your baby is using a pacifier, you certainly don't have to spend more for a personalized binky or a smiling animal on the front, but it can make them more easy to spot in a diaper bag or from underneath the depths of the couch cushions, that's for sure.

Does your baby use a binky? Would you spend more money for one that is personalized? 


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