5 Sassy Summer Onesies for Baby

my mom;s a fox onesie
I was in the hospital after a rather grueling c-section with my second child. I was exhausted and uncomfortable, but the sight of this little onesie from Urban Smalls ($22) brought a huge smile to my face when my two best girlfriends walked in with it as a gift for Rowan.

Because really, when it comes down to it, all those cute little dresses and fancy little man shoes are out there to make proud moms and dads smile.

Now that it's summer, you can show off your little bundle in nothing more than a onesie, so why not have some fun with them?

These are my top five picks for summer fun onesies:


bob marley onesie

No music collection is complete without Bob Marley, so why not start your baby out early with some reggae-inspired threads from OldGlory ($17.95)? You do want them to love ya after all.

threadless onesie

I shop at Threadless for tees all the time and whoops -- these whimsical onesies ($9) just happen to fall into my cart whenever I do some shopping. There are so many to choose from, all of them as dreamy as your baby.  

ipoo onesie

You just know that the technology our kids are going to use is going to blow our minds, so why not start them early with a keepsake from the olden days and get them this adorable iPoo onesie from Chicks & Frogs ($24).

mini car onesie

Lastly, you can always dress your mini in this mini from Bluesky Rocket ($27). Tally ho!

Everyone has a unique outfit they love to see their baby in -- what's your favorite onesie or tee-shirt?

Images (top to bottom): urbansmalls.com; oldglory.com; threadless.com; chicksandfrogs.com; blueskyrocket.com

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