Make Your Own Rice Cereal for Baby

make your own rice cerealWhen your baby starts solids, rice cereal seems like something you have to buy at the store.

But a quick search on the web gave me a total "duh" moment when I realized how easy making your own rice cereal is. All you need is a grinder, some rice, and breast milk/formula.

I wonder how much money I've wasted on all those boxes of flyaway cereal.

There are a few different recipes on the web, but I love this simple one from Homemade Baby Food Recipes, as they recommend brown rice, which is a lot more nutritious.


The strangest recipe I found involved ginger ale -- so I don't think I'm going to test that one out. My baby isn't having sugar and caffeine until he's old enough to put it in his own sippy cup (kidding, please don't call CPS). has a recipe that includes making a big batch and freezing, which is also a very economical way to handle the first food.

Did you make your own rice cereal?


Image via shannonpatrick17/Flickr

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